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Official website of
Marylou I. Hess

This website, like all of my writing, is dedicated to my
beloved father,
John Landis Hess, Sr. (1905 - 1984).
Marylou Hess is a Florida writer, who has published articles on
the Gasparilla invasion, a humorous medical article and one
on social issues that was published in a religious magazine.

She produced tons of system and user documentation,
requirements docs and program specifications for computer
systems over a period of several decades.

Novel first drafts are not impossible: Return to Red Mountain,
Failed Adoption, Cell Growth, Residue, In The Shadows of the
Cathedrals, Discount Departures and Bavarian Secrets.
Will there be time to turn any of them into a publishable novel?

An early grades chapter book: No Home for Jeffrey. Two early
reader books in the series Landis Hess, Pet Private Eye, Ear
and Nose.  

Short stories: Two Cora Grayton Mysteries.Rearrangements,
Duplicate Furniture, Two Noir stories The Job Hunt and The
Client Suing Lawyer. She has written many books worth of
essays, articles, religious poems and poems that can be sung
to the tune of the Lone Ranger. If you are too young to
remember that upbeat theme song, in the world of poetry it is
defined as:
anapest, anapest, anapest, trochee.
anapest, anapest, anapest, trochee.
anapest, anapest, anapest, trochee.
anapest anapest trochee.

Currently she writes educational materials for Faith Formation
(teaches 5& 6th grades), edits a novel and updates this
website. She has taught beginning writing classes with much


Discount Departures, a humorous coming-of-age novel, set in
Gulfport Florida, received 2nd Place in the 2003 Royal Palm
Awards for unpublished humor. She is currently working on
the Coming of Age meets dark humor novel.  

Her short stories and unpublished novels, written with a dark
sense of humor, intertwine Florida's most exquisite and exotic
flowers and trees, the sultry weather, and Floridians penchant
for the macabre, as the protagonists fight the cold-hearted
crimes of the Sunshine State.
Marylou I. Hess